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A chat with Jessie Ware and Gemma Arterton

I was lucky enough to Zoom a Zoom with Jessie Ware and Gemma Arterton last week. Why? Because they've made an incredibly moving video for Jessie's new single, Remember Where You Are.  Here's how it "went down".

Dave Grohl Q&A

I jumped on a Zoom call with Dave Grohl last week, shortly before President Biden's inauguration (at which the Foo Fighters played) for a chat about his new album, US politics and funky drumming.  Pretty much the entire conversation ended up being used, in some form or another, in my BBC News write-up. But for the completists, here's a full transcript of our chat, with all the rambling asides left in. It won't come as a surprise to learn that he comes across as a genuinely nice guy, even by the medium of video chat.