Wednesday, November 30, 2005

What do they need such good eyesight for anyway?

1) Click here to see live bunnies.

2) The Exorcist (as re-enacted by bunnies.)

3) Help a bear collect bunnies in his backpack.

4) Bunny Suicides

5) ****Coming later**** That song from Buffy about bunnies.

6) What's up Doc? Watch some classic Bugs Bunny

7) Curse and scream continually as you fail to
trace the outline of a bunny with your mouse.

8) Giant pink Italian bunny on a mountain. What were they thinking?

9) What happens if you fire a laser at a Marshmallow bunny?

10) Babies making babies making babies at Bunny love. Not safe for work, if your work has a policy about not looking at pictures of shagging bunnies.

11) Shoot things to shreds in Gunny Bunny.

That completes the Bunny News for today.

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Thursday, November 24, 2005

Nat's the ticket

We've always believed that concerts are better when the performer is enjoying themselves. It's hardly a mind-blowing observation, but you'd be surprised how much of a difference it makes.

Tonight, for example, Natalie Imbruglia set the stage on fire (not literally) with a joyous enthusiasm in London's Shepherd's Bush. Clearly in her element, the face of L'oreal was bounding around like a bobcat, play-acting lyrics, flirting with the audience and posing for cameras.

And, boy, were there a lot of cameras. We're starting to think they should be banned, along with mobile phones, from any concert venue. Several times, our view was obscured by some amateur photographer trying to capture the moment - without a flash - and tutting as they got a useless, blurred image. Before trying again, like Sisyphus in the seventh circle of gadget hell.

One guy stood next to us who basically watched the entire show via the 2" LCD screen on the back of his Canon Powershot. We felt like shaking him and screaming "What are you doing? She's right in front of you!"

The only thing outnumbering the idiots with cameras tonight was testosterone. We have never seen so many men ogling the stage with a sense of undying devotion. And we've been at a Madonna concert.

But we're better than all of them. For Natalie looked right at us, wiggled her eyebrows and sang "drown our souls in sensory pleasure." Well, it could have been the tall bloke behind us, but we prefer to think otherwise.

Oh, and there was a superb acoustic section where Imbruglia performed a song called "I've Been Watching You". Any idea where we can get it?

  • Live photo via Natalie Island
  • Set list via Some website in the Czech Republic

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  • Nice hat

  • Whose cute baby photo is this?

    Hint. She recently said of her ex-husband:
    "he does have a sensitivity chip missing."

    Find the answer (and the original photo) at Celebrity Smack.

  • We have no idea what the football-loving public made of this, but we loved hearing Mark E. Smith reading the football results on BBC1 last weekend. Mogblog has the video.

  • Pete Waterman reveals his Top 5 Records. It's not quite what you'd expect - Beatles, Bowie and Wagner. Although it's not like he's put Slayer or Megadeth on there, or anything.

  • TAKE THAT TO TOUR???!!!!. Proving that all the best news is
    (a) Nostalgic, and
    (b) Alliterative.

  • We finally managed to find the Madonna album unmixed. And, frankly, it is better for it. Download it using bittorrent from

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  • Wednesday, November 23, 2005

    Supermodel go bang

    Kate Moss dances around, naked, then falls over. (link fixed 24/11/05)

    Not safe for work, obviously.

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    Tuesday, November 22, 2005

    Land of the future

  • Remember when we were kids? And how everyone said there'd definitely be jetpacks and holidays on the moon by the year 2000?

    What a pack of lying bastards.

    We're still hoping, at the very least, for Willy Wonka's chewing gum with a whole meal in it. But until then, we’ll have to settle for one of the other (less exciting) things we were promised: Electronic paper! Whatever next?

  • Can your dad beat my dad in a fight? Google says he can

  • Did you know: Nena's classic anti-war song '99 Luftballons' wasn't directly translated from German to English? Luckily, retro-website In the 80's offers a side-by-side comparison of the two lyrics. Sadly, this is one battle where England loses:

    Our version says:
    "Hurry, hurry, super-scurry / Call the troops out in a hurry / This is what we've waited for / This is it boys, this is war"

    The Germans got the vastly superior:
    "There were great fireworks / The neighbors didn't understand anything / And felt immediately felt pissed off"

  • The Cardigan's Peter Svensson talks about how the band had to split up to recover from the success of Gran Turismo in an interview with the Bangkok Post.

  • Troubled over what to get your loved one for Christmas? Well, trouble no more, for EMI have dutifully set up a website to advise you - via a short questionnaire - about what to buy.

    It's called giftomatic, and it reccomends we furnish mrsdiscopop with a Union Jack T-shirt and Atomic Kitten's Greatest Hits on Christmas Day.

    Presumably EMI will cover the legal fees for the resulting divorce?

  • Whatever you may think of the Xbox 360's games (apparently, guns are quite popular), you've got to admire the design. Which, according to Xbox 360 designer, Jonathon Hayes, was inspired by Picasso and Constantin Brancusi (oooh, fancy!). Sony have responded by remodelling the Playstation 3 to look like the Venus De Milo.

    Here's the sculpture the Xbox 360 is based on:

  • Justin Hawkins reveals the secret to writing a hit single:

    "[One Way Ticket To Hell and Back] is piano-led and the piano you listen to is the same one that was played on Bohemian Rhapsody by Freddie. I play all the synthesisers and it's got my favourite guitar solo. And it's got a really good knob joke in the first verse!".

    The Darkness limped into this week's charts at number nine.

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  • Madonna's fanny fart?

    Monday, November 21, 2005

    The land of truth, freedom, and massive guns

    American politicians always miss the point when they try to export 'American values' to other countries.

    People aren't interested in democracy, freedom of expression, opportunity and equality. What they really want to copy from the American social model is the ability to watch endless re-runs of Cheers, drink cheap beer and spend their free time building machines that fire pumpkins into space.

    Think about it. What sounds better to you: "Operation Enduring Freedom" or "Project Pumpkin"?

  • The Economist: Pumpkin-shooting


  • Sunday, November 20, 2005

    Viral email is actually true!

    Well what do you know... It turns out the Lindsay Lohan-Jason Lewis text message story is true!

    What's more, the real Jason Lewis has waded in to criticise his namesake. According to the New York Daily news, he thinks the other Jason Lewis is a 's-y human being'.

    What does he mean: shy? sky? soy?


    Friday, November 18, 2005

    What it feels like to meet a girl

    The new Madonna album, we have come to accept, is very good. She had us fooled at first. We were convinced it was rubbish, but it turned out not to be. (Except the lyrics, of course, they're still dire).

    The man behind it all is dance producer Stuart Price, aka Jacques Le Cont. In a recent interview he explained that, when he opened his front door to find Madonna standing there, his "entire Madonna life flashed before his eyes". It's a wonderfully evocative phrase, and it made us think: what would your reaction be if you met Madonna?

    A quick bit of research, and now we know:

    Back in 1990, Warren Beatty was still Madonna's bit of rough. He told the press:

    "When I met Madonna I became interested in whatever it was that she was doing. Madonna sort of makes you stand up... when she's talking to you... She's funny. She's ironic. She has wit. She has a lot of ambivalence... And in most areas she has a lack of inhibition. And it's fun. It's fun.''

    That last "It's fun" seems a bit like Warren is trying to convince himself. Maybe he was tired because Madonna always made him stand up when he was talking to her.

    Anyway, ten years later, Madonna got together with 'real cockney' Guy Ritchie. It may not surprise you to find that, on their first meeting, Guy was an insufferable buffoon:

    He told the Oxford Union: "We met at lunch. She was with her boyfriend, and he was sulking, and they were a few seats down in the restaurant from where I was sitting, and I thought, 'F---ing hell, it's Madonna'. So I went up to her and made crap jokes. I think I said, 'If you play your cards right, I'll put you in a movie'. She thought I was cocky and things went from there."

    Things actually went from there to Skibo Castle in Scotland, where Madge'n'Guy got hitched. The ceremony was conducted by Rev. Susan Brown, who was interviewed by the Daily Telegraph in the run-up to the wedding:

    "She admitted to an attack of nerves before meeting Madonna and Ritchie for the first time last week, but had coped by telling herself: "They need me more than I need them."

    Rev Brown was nicknamed "Holy Spice" by the press - this was back in the days when the Spice Girls still had some cultural relevance. And funnily enough, the Spice Girls were the topic of conversation when Blur met Madonna.

    Drummer Dave Rowntree told The Face: "Madonna came down to the studio when we were recording with William [Orbit, who also produced Ray Of Light] and said, 'Most Americans think the Spice Girls is Britpop', and Damon said, 'The Spice Girls probably are.' And they are, aren't they? They're the only people who seem to have a made a career out of it..."

    One thing we noticed while researching this article, is that struggling new artists often name-drop Madonna in an attempt to get a few column inches. Singer Ashley Jade (no, we've no idea either) got into the Mirror with a story about how she quite literally bumped into her hero at an industry party:

    "When I met Madonna," she says, "I dropped a drink over her blue suede shoes. She graciously said she was bored with them anyway."

    Indeed, footwear seems to be an obsession for these struggling starlets. Ari Gold met Mrs Ritchie backstage at the Rosie O'Donnell show; "I exchanged words with her," recalls Gold, "I don't think that constitutes as meeting her. Nobody said, 'Madonna, this is Ari.' ...I told her that I liked her boots and she said 'Thank you.'

    Fascinating, isn't it? But not nearly as fascinating as Fame Academy 'winner' Alex Parks' meeting with Madge.

    "When I met Madonna she spent the whole time looking at me. She didn't have to do that but she gave a lot of her energy to me.".

    Yes, Alex. That's called 'getting the silent treatment' and it's supposed to make you go away.

    Madonna was rather more impressed with Ricky Gervais. "Madonna came up to me at Live 8," he told the Mirror, "and said, ‘I’m your biggest fan’, so I said, ‘And who are you?’ to which she replied, ‘I’m Paris Hilton’."

    Later on, Madonna told Jo Whiley that she'd happily sweep Ricky's floor. That's quite a high compliment: Madonna has often said her worst high-school job was being a maid.

    "I had to clean houses - it was gross," she recalled. "I had to clean the toilet bowls of boys I went to school with. No, there's nothing more degrading than being someone's housekeeper. I mean, God bless my housekeeper and... well... all my housekeepers!"

    But one person who's actually had Madonna clean his floor is her producer, Stuart Price. He had Madonna round his gaff for weeks on end while they were recording 'Confessions on a Dancefloor', as he told

    "She's the perfect guest - but she did spill coffee on my white carpet by knocking a mug off a keyboard. I was amazed at just how well, using only a kitchen towel, she could draw the coffee out of the white carpet. The technique she had was to never rub, just to gently pad the carpet with the kitchen towel."

    But, let's face it, none of us are ever going to get Madonna on her hands and knees in our living rooms. So what happens when a mere mortal meets the disco diva?

    James Faris, a Madonna fan from Belfast, has had the opportunity. "When I met Madonna backstage at her 1993 Wembley concert and she told me that I was the cutest guy she'd ever seen," he boasts.

    Now James may be gorgeous, but one of the pitfalls of meeting your favourite celebrity is finding out they're uglier and shorter than you'd imagined. LosPigs, who writes at has met both Madonna and Prince, so he's in a position to compare their looks: "When I met Madonna I thought she was much hotter than when I met Prince. Of course I met her in Barbados and when I met Prince it was in Newcastle… so it could have just been the weather."

    However, our favourite meeting Madonna anecdote comes from Peter Morse. He's been Madonna's lighting director on all of her tours since "Who's That Girl". But, as he divulged to, things didn’t go so well when they were introduced:

    She was rather definite about what she had in mind and I had some ideas for a set and she had no set designer and she liked my ideas she said: "Can you draw them for me" And I said "Well I'm not an artist but I will go to someone and have my ideas drawn and I'll bring them back to you".

    So I did that and we sat and looked at the drawings and it was not a particularly good day for her, she was in the recording studio having some problems and she looked at the drawings with me and she said: "Well but where am I in these drawings?" And I said "well you're here" and she said "Draw me" and I said"I'm not an artist".

    She then said: "Well you've got to draw something so I can see what you're talking about". So I drew a rather terrible stick figure (laughs) 'cos I'm not an artist. And she was very upset about that. And in the end that first tour I didn't do. She was upset with me.

    Madonna in those days was demanding very short on praise but heavy on ridicule so you never got much praise from her but you definately heard from her when you did something wrong… but as the years progressed she's matured and mellowed and become more and more depending on and involved with the artistic people around her. Certainly more appreciative also."

    So, has anyone out there met Madonna? Leave your experiences in the comments box.

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    Thursday, November 17, 2005

    itunes price rise?

    Apple might be about to raise the prince of downloads on itunes, after receiving huge amounts of pressure from the recording industry.

    The chief executive of EMI, Alain Levy, told the Wall Street Journal: "There is a common understanding that we will have to come to a variable pricing structure. The issue is when."

    Really? Only two months ago Apple's CEO, Steve Jobs called the record labels "greedy" for seeking to increase the price of downloads "If the price goes up a lot, [consumers] will go back to piracy," he reckons.

    But Alain Levy is adamant. "There is a case for superstars to have a higher price," he says.

    This is utter nonsense. Sainsburys don't expect you to pay £100 for a pint of milk because it's more popular than haddock. You won't be able to pay full price for the next Harry Potter book, no matter how hard you try. And, shockingly, the music industry offer discounts to record stores when they bulk-buy CDs by... erm, their biggest selling artists.

    The real reason for all this kerfuffle, it seems, is that record companies are jealous of Apple's success with the ipod.

    Andrew Lack, the chief executive of Sony BMG, recently complained that Steve Jobs "has got two revenue streams: one from our music and one from the sale of his iPods."

    "I've [only] got one revenue stream," he whined.

    Which is perfectly true, as long as you don't count Sony's interests in film, TV, consumer electronics, digital cameras, mobile phones, broadcast technology and computer games.

    Perhaps the record labels should spend less time and money suing their customers and arguing with Apple, and invest in new talent. That way, their profits would magically rise and we might stop thinking of them as thieving bastards.

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    Lock up your daughters

    The half-informed twitterings of Sun 'journalist' Victoria Newton are a constant source of amusement.

    In today's "Bizarre" column, she has a few things to say about the new Girls Aloud album.

    Let's see what we can learn from this reporting masterclass.


    Do you see what Victoria has done there? It's a pun on the band's name. This is frightfully clever and sets up the tone for the rest of the article. The audience now expect some very shocking and filthy revelations. Let's see what they are:

    "IF you are the parent of a young girl who loves Girls Aloud, their new album might just be your worst nightmare."

    Now, first of all, we all know that you only need one capital letter at the start of a sentence, so Victoria has already lost some marks for grammar.

    But this introductory paragraph is intruiging. How awful could this album be? Although I have no children, I can imagine the sort of nightmares parents have: paedophiles, leukaemia, getting redcurrant stains out of t-shirts.

    But here, we are being led to believe the new Girls Aloud album is worse than all of those. I hope Victoria can explain why...

    "They have come up with some near-the-knuckle lyrics for Chemistry, out on December 5, in an attempt to appeal to an older audience."

    Surely not!

    "Mums and dads across the country won’t be best pleased when they hear their kids singing along to tales of sex and boozing."

    You're right. This is a parent's worst nightmare. "Our poor little Johnny is being corrupted by this song about beer," they would say, "I would rather he was anally raped by a man in a cassock".

    No, wait a minute… I've heard 5-year-olds being positively encouraged to sing Chumbawamba's Tubthumping. Mind you, that probably constitutes child abuse in itself, but ear-grating pseduo-nursery-rhymes aside, I think they emerged from the experience unscathed.

    So maybe Girls Aloud are talking about something more extreme than whisky drinks and lager drinks. Victoria, what are these deadful, shaming words we need to ban from our children's bedrooms?

    "He’s made seduction a work of art, a PhD with her legs apart. She’s got undulating, grundgulating grinding hips."

    This is truly shocking stuff, is it not? There is no 'g' in the middle of grundulating!

    But wait! There's more!

    "On Model, the girls put punk-rocker JOHNNY ROTTEN to shame with their explicit putdown: 'You get your kicks like flies to s***, buzzin’ round the model zoo.'"

    Correct me if I'm wrong, but Johnny Rotten said "cunt" on primetime TV. That hardly compares with Nadine doing a minor swear on an album track.

    In any case, this is hardly new ground for Girls Aloud. Has Victoria missed the lyrics on their last two albums?

    "Is it just the margaritas, or are you looking at me?"
    "Shut your mouth because shit might show"
    "I don't do sex, but I do do second base"
    "I've got a fistfull of love that's coming your way"

    (I might be reading too much into that last one)

    While she may have missed the opportunity to be morally outraged about those songs, Victoria is making up for lost time now by campaigning for censorship:

    "There is... no sign of a parental advisory warning sticker."

    This shows remarkable powers of prediction, since the album isn't out until December. Newton can only have seen a promotional copy, but she knows it won't have a guidance sticker. Perhaps she should start writing the Sun's horoscopes, too.

    In the end, Victoria tries to soften the blow of her tirade by empathising with the girls (after all, she must have had a few late nights and drunken shags to look as haggard as she does in her byline photo):

    "I suppose you could say in the girls’ defence that it is best to write about what you know . . . but you also have to know your audience."

    It's touching that Newton is so concerned for the minds of our youngsters. Perhaps now she'll persuade her bosses to stop running pictures of naked teenagers and glorifying the drunken antics of footballers to protect the sanctity of the next generation's tiny minds.

    And in other earth-shattering Girls Aloud news, Nicola is likes to touch Kimberley's bum.

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    Wednesday, November 16, 2005

    List of links

    Not much is going on in the world today, but here are some weblinks we have clicked in the last 24 hours:

    1) Keira Knightly puts on her ruby slippers and does a Wizard of Oz photoshoot for Vogue. Full sized pics at just jared. But where are the munchkins?

    2) Now you can pretend you are TV station E4 by purchasing the all ten series of Friends on DVD. We recommend the US version -- you get commentaries, deleted scenes, extended episodes and gag reels, none of which are available in the UK. If you watch the whole series in order, you can play a drinking game where you down a shot every time Chandler gains or loses weight. By episode three, you won't be able to spell your own name.

    3) Is this for real? A regular nobody called Jason Lewis claims to have had thrilling week-long text flirtation with miniature starlet Lindsay Lohan, because she mistook him for someone else. His account of the 'affair' has been doing the rounds by email - but if he's the "genuine guy" he claims to be, how did this get into the public domain? You can read the whole thing at Funnily enough, it reminds me of the time I tricked Julia Roberts into buying me a daschund by pretending I was George Clooney.

    4) Waste some of your company's money by playing Super Monkey Ball knock-off Roll On in the office. (Warning: three quarters of an hour can seem a lot like 35 seconds while playing this game).

    5) Finally, if you missed Gorillaz' amazing performance at the MTV awards last week, you can see it here. And if you're wondering how they managed to make the animation work on-stage, in what seems to be 3D, the answer is - quite literally - smoke and mirrors. Wikipedia and the Times online offer further explanation.

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    Tuesday, November 15, 2005

    Come again?

    Once upon a time, local radio was a hotbed of experimentation and daring. The BBC used to groom the stars of the future in its regional stations, letting them make all their rookie mistakes in front of a sympathetic audience before launching them into prime time. It even outsourced some of that work to independent stations, letting them invest all their money in talent development before tempting away their stars with the promise of a kiss and a lollipop, just like your dirty uncle Gavin.

    But in recent years, local radio stations have lost some of their spark. Gone are the days when Chris Morris could get away with filling a studio with helium just before the newsreader arrived. Now everything is formatted, regimented and playlisted. Some DJs are mere voice-over artists - reading scripts delivered to a tele-prompter from corporate HQ. Your local station has roughly the same degree of autonomy as Radio Deutschland in 1944. Not that they have to play oompah bands and denounce the Jews, but you get the point.

    Thank God, then, for Clive Garner. He's a doddery old man, who turns up at Radio Merseyside every week with a handful of his collection of 50,000 78rpm records. Clive's been doing this for 15 years, which is just as well, because no station manager would let him through the door now. Actually, that's harsh. They'd let him through the door, find him somewhere to have a quick nap and a cup of tea before putting him back on the bus to convalescent home.

    In turns, Clive sounds drunk, confused, asleep, drugged, and clinically dead. But, brilliantly, he shook things up last week and dedicated his programme to… Well, perhaps you should just listen:

  • A 30-second trail...
  • ...And then the programme

    Also flying the flag for innovative local programming is this startling piece of reporting from another BBC local station. Always first with the exclusive breaking news, they reveal that there is an owl in Shropshire:

  • Owl news
  • More owl news

    You couldn't make this stuff up.

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  • Friday, November 11, 2005

    "Homoeroticism is fantastic"

    As you can see, Will Young has sprained his wrist playing volleyball. It must have been the strain of keeping his balls in motion.

    Anyway, extracurricular 'activities' apart, Will has been speaking to the Guardian (actually, he spoke to them last week but we managed to miss it somehow). The following bit of the article excites us greatly:

    Will Young is in a pop quandary. He has been asked to record a Christmas song for Radio 2, which, being an obliging sort, he's happy to do. The problem is that he's no longer the tame Pop Idol winner who could be counted on to do his bit for the collective jollity. "I hate Christmas songs," he says passionately. "I don't want to do something naff."

    His publicist, one of the small retinue who are accompanying him on a day of TV and radio promotion, says, half-seriously, "What about Heaven Knows I'm Miserable Now, by the Smiths?" He raises his eyebrows. "How does it go?" The publicist happens to have it on her iPod, which she hands over. It doesn't take more than 30 seconds of Morrissey in solipsistic yowl for Young to be converted. He passes back the iPod, all stubbly smiles. And so, unless his management objects, Young's contribution to Radio 2's Yuletide output will be Heaven Knows I'm Miserable Now."

    What fantastic news. Will Young is our new favourite popstar.

    So why not download his new single*, Switch it on, then watch the promo clip and think to yourself "surely this is the gayest video of all time".

    (*But you will, of course, buy it in the shops next week as well.)

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    Apple: What you didn't know...

  • The space bar on Macs stops working after 1000 presses. After that you have to buy additional spaces through iTunes for 10p each.

  • Macs don't have an "on" switch... as you approach, they switch themselves on automatically if they judge you to be worthy.

  • The key combination APPLE+CTRL+BREAK will give your baby diabetes.

  • Using a Mac makes you 56% more attractive to film star Scarlett Johansson.

    More of this nonsense at idiot toys

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  • Thursday, November 10, 2005

    Beat this

    Left - Right: Every drum you can buy on Amazon in ascending price order. From a clave for $9, to a coffee house drum for $600. Note that the vibraslap is a bargain at $15.

    The people responsible for this vaguely demented montage are If you look at the full size picture on their website, you can roll over each instrument for an enlarged image. A simple click will take you to Amazon, where you can buy your maracas.

    They've also got interactive maps for Amazon's synths, guitars, strings, brass, woodwind, and ethnic instruments. Not to mention vintage pulp fiction, cult movies, sexy undies and cereal boxes.

    And before you ask, we can't explain why anyone would bother, either.

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    Wednesday, November 9, 2005

    Hello, I'm Chris and I'm yellow

    Is this the worst prize ever: having a conference call with Coldplay?

    Speaking to your rock heroes is always a disenchanting experience, but imagine doing it over the phone with 25 other people listening in. You won't even have the chance whisper "Midnight. I'll be waiting" while you slip your hotel key into Chris Martin's bony fingers.

    This hopeless prize has come about because Coldplay's next single is called "Talk" and people talk on phones, you see. If that marketing guy from the Orange adverts was real, he would have suggested this fantastic giveaway.

    Mind you, if we all enter, perhaps one of us could spend the entire call playing the Crazy Frog ringtone on our 'other line'. Or, if we co-ordinate properly, we can get all 25 winners to shout "Fuck off and leave us alone" in unison just after Chris picks up his phone. Yes, that would be better.

    Enter the competition at Coldplay:

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    Friday, November 4, 2005

    Girls Alive

    Get your credit card details ready: tickets for Girls Aloud's spanking new tour go on sale this morning. (Please note spanking may not actually be included in the ticket price)

    As you may recall, we were bowled over by the girls' gig in Hammersmith earlier this year, so we've already stumped up for next year's extravaganza.

    This time round it's an arena tour, so you should expect the following:

    • pre-gig journey to out-of-town industrial wasteland on crowded bus
    • young girls with glow-sticks and whistles
    • acoustic version of popular ballad featuring previously anonymous guitarist 'front stage'
    • massive glitter cannons
    • the girls flying over the audience on a harness
    • appalling acoustics

    If you're interested (and why wouldn't you be?) you can catch the girls in the following cities:

    MAY 2006
    22 - Nottingham Arena
    23 - Sheffield Hallam FM Arena
    24 - Newcastle Metro Radio Arena
    26 - Birmingham NIA Arena
    27 - Manchester MEN Arena
    28 - Glasgow SECC
    30 - Cardiff International Arena
    31 - Bournemouth International Centre

    JUNE 2006
    01 - Brighton Centre
    03 - Wembley Arena

    And you can obtain your entry rights for a reasonable £25, plus an unreasonable £99,000* booking fee, courtesy of ticketbastard.

    The new album cover (out November) looks darn sophisticated, too. Although, by Girls Aloud's standards, sophisticated means 'not dressed by Topshop', but there you go...

    * approximate value

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    Thursday, November 3, 2005

    Click on these

  • The sit-com is back from the dead (again) claims the New Yorker. Try telling that to anyone who's sat through Scrubs, Weeds or Two-and-a-half Men recently.

  • Get your MP3's on:
    1) Mr Red Penguin has Mylo and the Arctic Monkeys from last week's Jools Holland
    2) Sufjan Stevens and Arcade Fire sessions over at The Torture Garden
    3) Fluxblog have the double-whammy of Girls Aloud's superb new single Biology and the classic Dolly Parton Baby I'm Burning (as they suggest, mix it with the White Stripes "My Doorbell" next time you DJ. It rocks).

  • Rate Celebrity plastic surgery if you dare.

  • How Stuff Works have posted an article on Nintendo's revolutionary wireless pointy, clicky, wave-it-about-your-heady game controller. It's mostly guess-work, but quite informative nonetheless.

  • Finally, Mike "Austin Powers" Myers is directly responsible for 'Whose Line Is It Anyway?'. Are there any crimes against comedy he isn't guilty of?

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  • Sweet and Lohan

    Isn't Lindsay Lohan cute in her high school photo?

    Of course, you can tell by the lack of worry lines (and the presence of flesh on her cheeks) that the photo pre-dates the actress's eating disorders, estranged parents, multiple car crashes and near-death experiences of recent months.

    Luckily, Lindsay seems to be picking up the pieces of her (PR person's) nightmare year. An abortive singing career has been put on the back-burner, and Lohan has signed up for a low-budget film about the assassination of Bobby Kennedy.

    That's Robert Kennedy (presidential candidate - shot in a hotel kitchen), not John F Kennedy (35th US President - shot in his limousine). So we can be fairly sure that this won't be an ill-advised sequel to "Herbie", where the quirky VW Beetle joins the presidential motorcade and alters the course of history...

    Or can we?


    Wednesday, November 2, 2005

    News Justin

    Lately, we've been wondering where Justin Timberlake has disappeared to.

    Isn't it about time he followed up his massively successful first album? We know there've been those guest appearances with Snoop and The Black Eyed Peas, and John Lydon wants him to play Johnny Rotten in a Sex Pistols movie... but has he done anything of real substance for the last 18 months?

    Well, it turns out he has been keeping busy after all. On Monday, he threw a Hallowe'en party for all his famous celeb chums: Kanye West, Jamie Foxx, 50 Cent, Dr. Dre, Pharrell, Timbaland, and Ludacris to name a few. How cool, and how urban. Shame he spoilt it all by dressing up in a hand-me-down suit and a shiny plastic mask he bought in Walmart...

    The other project he's been working on is ruining Shrek 3. Apparently his missus (Cameron Diaz) insisted he took a voice role in the sequel of the sequel, only for horrified Dreamworks executives to discover he's a terrible, terrible actor.

    Mind you, after having to sit through the extended advertising campaign that was Shrek 2, we're fairly glad to have an excuse to skip the third one altogether.

    Thanks, Timbo.

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