Tuesday, May 16, 2017

Watch out, Courtney Barnett's about

Aussie alt-rocker Courtney Barnett has taken a break from recording her second album to gift us with a new song, How To Boil An Egg, which is actually not new at all, but eight years old.

"I used to perform this song at all the open mics when I was 21," she said. "It never got recorded, so for personal-posterity I updated it and made this version recently when I was bunkered up in the bush doin’ some demos for my next album. It's a songwriting experiment that doesn’t really belong anywhere else."

Based around a slack rockabilly riff, the song is further proof Barnett's innate lyrical abilities, painting a vivid picture of an artist on the skids. "All my clothes in milk crates, I don't sleep for days," she sings. "Ah, tell me, tell me, tell me / When's it gonna change?"

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