Monday, March 13, 2017

Stormzy's new video is a gif goldmine

Stormzy has just released a video for Cold, to celebrate his debut album Gang Signs & Prayer going Gold (that's 100,000 sales!)

It's a pretty simple video based around two lyrics:

1) "I've been cold the whole season / I should call my next one "Freezing"
Stormzy performs in the snow

2) "All my young black kings rise up / Man, this is our year / And my young black queens right there / It's been a long time coming, I swear"
A bunch of cute black kids show their potential - role-playing doctors, lawyers and even the King of England

But the clip, directed by Floyd Sorietu is a gif giftshop, thanks mainly to the fact that Stormzy drips with charisma; although the kids who plays the king has the best "da fuk you lookin' at" face I have ever seen.

Here's a few of my favourite moments, followed by the video "in full".

"You've let me down, you've let your mother down and, worst of all, you've let yourself down."

"Lately, I have begun to feel the effects of the inclement weather."

Woah! Extreme close-up!

This dude can throw some serious shade


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