Thursday, March 2, 2017

Lucy Rose returns with Floral Dresses

Very good folk singer Lucy Rose has teamed up with very good folk trio The Staves for a new single Floral Dresses, her first material since 2015's very good album Work It Out. It might surprise you to discover that the result is very good.

A simply-strummed acoustic lament, it's a biting riposte to a lover who showers Lucy with gifts, but is somewhat lacking when it comes to basic respect.

I don't want to wear your floral dresses
And my lips won't be coloured
I don't want your diamond necklace
Your disapproval cuts through

"When I wrote Floral Dresses it really reminded me about who I was, and I always think that some of the best songs are the ones which can stand on their own with just one instrument," says Lucy, via press release. "The message is pretty clear and I hope other people will find comfort in it, and realise they are different but also the same as many people."

The video brings that to life - with various women singing Lucy's lines, hopefully ending with the same resolve to get up and leave.

Watch below.

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