Wednesday, March 8, 2017

Charli XCX says she has enough songs for three mixtapes!

"My record was supposed to come out a while ago, and I know some of my fans were upset at that," said Charli XCX, as she unveiled her new mixtape live on BBC Radio 1. "So I really wanted to do this for them."

She premiered three songs from Number 1 Angel, which is out on Friday. First up was 3 AM (aka Pull Up), a giddy love song co-starring everyone's favourite featured artist, . It was by far the most chart-bound of the songs we heard.

Next out of the gates was the EP's opening track, Dreamer, a drawling, trap-pop collaboration with BBC Sound of 2017 appointee (and After the Afterparty co-writer) Raye. Finally, Lipgloss was a glitchy 16-bit bubblegum tune featuring a guest appearance from Chicago MC Cupcakke.

"I write all the time," Charli told Mistajam. "What's great about the mixtape [is] I got to work with so many artists that I love. It was cool to come together and be able to write really quickly with girls who I am so in love with, as artists, and put it all out.

"We did so many more songs, there could kind of be three mixtapes. But that might be excessive."

Would it, Charli? Would it?

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