Monday, January 30, 2017

New (to me): Elf Kid - Reload That

The greatest and worst thing about music is you can't listen to it all. From time to time, a gem slips through your fingers like an overly-buttered corn on the cob. Here is one such song...

Elf Kid's Reload That came out a month ago - on 21 December, to be precise - but I heard for the first time today when Clara Amfo cued it up on Radio 1 (I was painting the bathroom at the time, fact fans).

The London MC eschews grime conventions by sampling Malian desert punk band Songhoy Blues, whose Irganda provides the song's choppy, uplifting groove. Lyrically and visually, he's representing his African roots - with a video shot in Ethiopia, and lyrics like: "Ethiopia ain't about no riff-raff / won't take breaks unlike a Kit-Kat"

The result is a brilliantly refreshing piece of UK hip-hop and if, like me, you missed it in the run-up to Christmas, I'd recommend hitting play on the Ethiopia-based video below.

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