Wednesday, January 11, 2017

Disappointing news from Dua Lipa

Poor old Dua Lipa. She's been teetering on the cusp - the actual cusp - of pop superstardom for a whole year, but the gravitational pull of streaming on the Top 40 has slowed everything right down.

Her singles have been played in all the right places, she's made some amazing videos, collaborated with Sean Paul, been nominated for a Brit and given this bizarro performance on Dutch TV.

Don't let them eat you, Dua!

So what's gone wrong? Well, nothing, really - except that Dua has yet to breach the top 10. And that's not really her fault.

The awful truth is that people don't listen to new music on Spotify. Ed Sheeran? Yes. Justin Bieber? You betcha. But an artist you don't know? Even one with smoky eyes and a penchant for chokers? Not a chance.

She'll get there eventually, because she is a HUGE talent, but it's a long, slow grind. With that in mind, she's had to delay her album for a third time. Originally due last summer, then scheduled for 10 February, it's now coming out in June - as Dua explained in a tweet this morning.

Which is a real shame. To help ease the pain, though, we have a brand new song called Thinking 'Bout You, which presents a whole new side to the singer - showcasing her husky voice over a gently strummed acoustic guitar. It's quite the revelation.

Roll on June.

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