Wednesday, January 18, 2017

Banks's Trainwreck video is creepy and unsettling

Trainwreck was clearly the standout track on Banks's sophomore (second) album, The Altar, when it came out last year. Featuring lyrics she wrote at the age of 14, it's a pulverising damnation of an "idiot" who dragged her down into his persojnal problems.

When she performed it on US television last November, three days after Donald Trump's election victory, she turned it into an angrily defiant rejection of the president-elect, slamming her microphone to the floor as she stomped across the stage.

Shorn of that context, it remains a powerful piece of music - and the video does it justice, as Banks is manipulated by (and fights back against) a group of faceless suits.

Unlike the Amy Schumer film of the same name, however, this does not contain any hilarious sex jokes.

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