Monday, September 12, 2016

Dua Lipa gets political (sort of)

According to the Big Bible of Pop (2016 edition), every song has to start with a moody synth chord and a disembodied human voice burbling a wordless sound, with the reverb set to "double cathedral".

Dua Lipa has studied the book cover to cover, so she's made sure to include such a moment at the beginning of her new single, Blow Your Mind (Mwah). She has also included parentheses (+ 10 points) and a chorus the size of a pregnant hippo (+50 points).

The video, which came out today, has no expense spared. They even have placards, one of which proclaims "Dua for president." It doesn't specify which presidency she's running for, but I'm assuming it's the EU Farming Commission.

8/10 and no mistake.

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