Friday, August 5, 2016

Tove Lo is cool for the summer

She's not the perfect one (she's never been) but she has her moments. And here's one of them...

Subtler and slinkier than the power-pop of her debut album, Tove Lo's new single is a revelation, as the former infatuation junkie keeps her distance from a hapless suitor.

"I'm a cool girl," she sings, "Ice cold, I roll my eyes at you."

Apparently the song, itself called Cool Girl, was triggered by Rosamund Pike going totally nuts in David Fincher's latest film.

"I got the first inspiration from the Gone Girl movie," she told Rolling Stone. "She's sitting there talking about: 'He wanted a cool girl, so I ate pizza. I drank beer. I made a size two. I didn't give a fuck that he checked out other women.

"I was thinking about it, and it's really true. Why do we try to be someone we're not to make someone love us? Would you want to fake yourself for the rest of your life? That's fucked up. Even though she's creepy, I kind of thought it was funny that it's just very common to see that."

Listen below:

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