Monday, May 23, 2016

Video: Ariana Grande - Let Me Love You

Subdued, stoner balladry is all well and good, but I prefer Ariana Grande when she's BELTING OUT THE BANGERS.

Disappointingly, her new single, Let Me Love You, is one of the former; even if it is a particularly accomplished example of the genre. The video is as seductive as the song, sending the Daily Mail into a breathless frenzy of screengrabs and gushing captions. For example:

  • Ariana shows glimpses and shots of her bra throughout the music video
  • The Bang Bang singer is seen wearing numerous scantily clad outfits as she writhes around on a bed
  • In one shot the singer's hair has been curled and is very vuluminous as she pushes it all to one side
But the writer doesn't seem to have been as impressed by Lil' Wayne.
  • "The rapper was dressed down in a T-shirt and white cap"
If only he'd curled his hair and shown a glimpse of his bra. If only.

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