Tuesday, May 17, 2016

Anything you can do, I can do better

TLC's Waterfalls was one of the most pivotal music videos of the 1990s. Tackling drugs, urban violence and HIV/AIDS, it was shot at Universal studios on a budget of [Dr Evil voice] One Million Dollars, and went on to pick up four MTV Awards.

But for all the narrative shenanigans, it is most memorable for the shots of Chili, T-Box and Left Eye dancing on the water like a three hot R&B Jesus-es.

It's an iconic sequence. One that couldn't be bettered... Or could it?

Step forward Małgorzata Jamroży- aka Margaret - a Polish singer who narrowly missed out on representing her country at this year's Eurovision.

She sounds a bit (a lot) like Rihanna, and her soca-inspired banger Cool Me Down replicates TLC's infamous riverdance, with one crucial addition. A frickin' Orca Whale.


You can watch it below, while contemplating how a song this good could have been beaten in a public vote by a bad Johnny Depp lookalike.

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