Thursday, March 17, 2016

New discovery: Irah - Into Dimensions

Danish trio Irah are brand new - their Facebook page only sprang to life 12 months ago - but what a first impression they're making.

Their debut single, Into Dimensions, was cut-down from an hour long improvisation - but I guarantee that, by the time it finishes, you'll be left wanting to hear the original 60 minute version.

Singer Stine Grøn starts off subdued, but as the synths grow increasingly insistent, she becomes more strident, propelled heavenwards by a choir of twinkling angels. Imagine the Cocteau Twins produced by Stonger-era Kanye West and you'll get the idea.

Better still, listen to the song below.

Discussing the track with Danish website Soundvenue, they said: "We recorded Into Dimensions in the Funkhaus Berlin - the former home of the East German broadcasting corporation, which today houses a lot of recording studios. The place was in the process of being renovated, which meant that we were the only ones there. It was an extremely impressive experience, like we were being transported to a different time. It was magical to record music in this environment." [apologies if the translation is a little wonky].

The song is available to buy now from boutique record label Tambourhinocerous.

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