Wednesday, March 16, 2016

Must listen: Bebe Rexha & Nicki Minaj - No Broken Hearts

"This is a star-studded collaboration," boasts the intro to this song - somewhat inaccurately, it turns out. By my count the only star present is Nicki Minaj. But then again, singer and co-writer Bebe Rexha (best Scrabble hand ever) could easily go stellar this year. If you don't know her already, the Albanian-American singer wrote the chorus for Eminem's The Monster; and sang the hook on David Guetta's Hey Mama.

No Broken Hearts is her first fully-fledged solo single, following last year's well-received I Don't Wanna Grow Up EP. And despite the dated references to "the club", it's an insidiously groovy urban-pop jam.

According to a press release, Rexha made the chorus up on the spot. "I had been heartbroken three times that week," she says. "I went to the studio, and I was crying my eyes out. As soon as I walked to the mic, it came to me. We captured the first take right when I heard the song.

"There's nothing mathematical to my writing," she adds. "I turned sadness into an anthem for not letting anything or anyone slow you down."

Speaking last month, the singer (who we first met as part of Pete Wentz's side project Black Cards) said the rest of the song wrote itself when Nicki Minaj turned up in the studio.

When that verse includes the line: "Keeps his dick wetter than a cruise ship", you have to agree.

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