Thursday, March 3, 2016

Mrs White did it in the bathroom with the knife

When Wonderland Magazine reviewed Vanessa White's new solo material and said: "we can’t wait to hear Vanessa’s next move" they probably didn't expect her to be revealed as a serial killer. Yet that's exactly what's happened in the video for her new single, Lipstick Kisses.

The clip sees her clearing up copious amounts of blood, wiping her fingerprints off a knife and making a clean getaway. It's a far cry from The Saturdays videos, where the plotline tended to be "five girls prance around in their bra".

What the story has to do with the song is anyone's guess. The risqué lyrics are mainly concerned with make-up sex, with Vanessa claiming "I'm naughty by nature, freaky by choice". At no point does she sing, "I am the Zodiac Killer". Maybe if you play it backwards?

Anyway, the music is fantastic - wonky, woozy R&B with a suitably sensual vocal performance. Watch / listen below.

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