Friday, March 18, 2016

Gorgon City bring the walls crashing down

Ah, Gorgon City - a band whose name conjures up images of a sprawling metropolis built entirely from Italian blue-veined cheese. (I'd move there in a flash.)

Their music is anything but cheesy, though, as this new single proves. All Four Walls is a shimmering, shuffling garage track with soaring-yet-paranoid vocals from Vaults' Blythe Pepino. 

It's billed as the first track from their upcoming album Kingdom, with the Londonduo promising to release a track every three weeks until it's ready - which seems totally arbitrary, but who knows what works as a successful release strategy any more? 

Here's the video. Recorded at the O2 Arena, it's a total shambles. I'd open another tab, fire up Twitter and just listen to the music, to be honest. 

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