Thursday, March 10, 2016

Frances pens another stunning ballad

Rising star Frances has been quietly breaking my heart with ballads like Let It Out and Grow since I stumbled across her last year, and her new single promises to soundtrack even sobfests than before.

Don't Worry About Me was "written for someone very close to me," the singer said. "It's my way of saying that it's my turn to be strong and brave for them now, just as they have been for me."

The song avoids specifics in such a way that it could apply to anything - the end of a romance, the beginning of an illness - but Frances's skill as a vocalist is that you feel every moment of anguish, no matter what interpretation you impose.

It begins with a naked, distraught a capella, buy evolves into a beautiful piano ballad, decorated with Frances' delictaely layered harmonies.

Prepare to have your tears jerked...

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