Friday, March 25, 2016

A tale of two Toves

It's a good Friday when you get a new single from Tove Lo and Tove Styrke - officially pop's two best Toves.

First up is Tove Lo, who pops up on Close, the lusty new single by Nick Jonas. Ignoring the fact she'd eat him alive, their duet is admittedly a firework in a powder keg in a volcano.

You can tell Tove approves of the song as, unlike her recent duet with Years & Years, she bothered to turn up for the video.

Tove Styrke - the more alternative Tove of the two Toves - also appears on a collaboration, in this case with wave-making producer Big Wild.

She's added vocals to his instrumental hit Afterglow and, like Sophie Ellis Bextor on Groovejet, improved the track ten-fold.

Just take the opening lyric: "How cool would it be to have diamonds on the soles of my feet / Cause I've worn these sneakers since I was 13."


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