Wednesday, February 3, 2016

Video: Little Mix - Secret Love Song

It's no secret that I'm a fan of The Mix but Secret Love Song is a bit of a mess. For a start, Jason Derulo is serenading all four members of the band which, apart from being creepy, seems logistically improbable (unless he operates a complicated ticketing system like the fish counter at Sainsbury's).

Even if you put the ickiness to one side, the whole thing is terribly oversung. Jesy sets the tone well with a sorrowful reading of the first line - but by the first chorus everyone is barking like a wounded dog at a shooting range. Sure, emotions must run high when you discover you're part of a love pentangle with Jason Derulo, but the band aren't so much singing about a broken heart as summoning the almighty Thor.

Brilliantly, Jason Derulo then attempts to convey this melodrama through the medium of dance.

It's hilarious. But I'd prefer Little Mix to have released the superior album tracks Get Weird or OMG (which was, coincidentally, sitting atop Billboard's Trending Chart until this morning).

Anyway. Here's the video. It's overblown and ridiculous. And they clearly couldn't get Jason to film his bits at the same time as Little Mix. Maybe he's hiding from them. Or maybe his boss is being funny about the rota on the fish counter.

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