Thursday, January 14, 2016

The Chairlift album is shaping up to be great

Casual fans might know synthpop duo and budgerigar enthusiasts Chairlift for their work on Beyonce's No Angel. And if you like that, you should check out the four (four!) preview tracks that Caroline Polachek and Patrick Wimberley have issued for their new album, Moth, which hits shelves next week.

They range from jittery R&B (Ch-Ching) and heartbroken balladry (Crying In Public) via icy synth-scapes (Romeo) to the beat-driven pop of Moth To A Flame, which was Zane Lowe's World Record last night.

I've embedded them all below, because I'm nice like that. You can pre-order the album on various internet sites where it is possible to do that.

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