Friday, January 8, 2016

Kendrick Lamar debuts new song on Jimmy Fallon

With 11 Grammy nominations to his name, Kendrick Lamar has hit the campaign trail with a few well-judged stops on the US talk show circuit.

Last night, he was the guest of Jimmy Fallon, who pointed out Lamar had come within spitting distance of Michael Jackson's Grammy record (he got 12 nominations for Thriller in 1983). "I wouldn't want to go past that," Lamar said. "I can't fathom being as great as Michael. Eleven is perfect."

Later, he whipped out a brand new track (so new it was called "Untitled 2") and performed it with The Roots. A complex, constantly-shifting jazz concoction, it's mesmerising to watch.

And here are the interviews, for good measure.

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