Tuesday, January 19, 2016

Here are Her, Her are Here

French duo Her are brilliantly French. Enigmatic, haughty and naughty - their pared-back synthpop is like Serge Gainsbourg without the disturbing aura of your overly-tactile uncle.

Their debut EP - Her Tape #1 - traces a relationship from lust to consummation to marriage (like Tove Lo's fantastic Habits EP played in reverse). It's a sophisticated, sexy listen, although the final track veers dangerously close to parody.

The band are Rennes-based Victor Solf and Simon Carpentier. They've managed to pick up a lot of attention in the US and Europe without any real effort. "At the start we had zero followers on Soundcloud, and no promotion there, so it’s nice to see that music can still talk for itself," they told Invasion magazine.

"There are a lot of big labels interested in working with us at the moment," they added in an interview with Gigwise last month.

On this evidence, you can see why.

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