Wednesday, January 27, 2016

Goodbye, One Direction, you were better than the average boyband

Squeaking in just before Zayn Malik's new single gets its world premiere, here's the video for One Direction's "final" single, History. I mean, technically they're on hiatus and are definitely coming back in 18 months. But no-one really believes that, do they? I mean, this song might as well be called "FIN" and end with all of the band being pushed into a reservoir by a crazed fan.

Still, the video is a nice exercise in nostalgia - full of black and white footage of the band gadding about in their X Factor days, and blinking, bewildered, as a million girls soil themselves at their stadium shows.

In fact, it makes me realise what a welcome presence One Direction have been in the pop world for the last six years. They never tried to be edgy or controversial, crafting a burnished synth-pop sound that was a gratifying departure from the ropey R&B of other boybands. Not once did they sing about "da club". And, almost until the end, they looked like they might actually be having fun.

While they never used their undeniable clout to rewrite the pop rulebook, a la Girls Aloud, they nonetheless created some great singles (What Makes You Beautiful, Story Of My Life, Steal My Girl) and only one real abomination (that pointless cover of Blondie's One Way Or Another).

Still, their popularity always outweighed their material, so it's fitting that they are closing their career with an ode to their fans - "the greatest team that the world has ever seen". It's a perfect swansong, and one that takes its cues from Take That's masterful Never Forget.

Here's looking forward to 1D's spin on Patience in 2026.

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