Friday, December 18, 2015

New Music: Rachel Platten - Better Place

Fight Song was a very good pop single, wasn't it? I mean, I didn't buy it or stream it or in any way consciously seek it out, but I was always pleased when it came on the radio. I could even sing the chorus right now, but that would violate all sorts of human rights conventions.

But Rachel Platten's new one isn't anything like Fight Song. Better Place (for that is it's name) is a soppy old love ballad that's probably being considered for the new Bridget Jones film, preferably in a scene where two people share a lingering kiss in the rain.

It's all very optimistic and lovely in a sort of "toothless Adele record" kind of way. It'll help sell Rachel's album by the bucketload when it comes out next month.

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