Tuesday, December 15, 2015

New discovery: Audrey Air - Strawberry Syrup Sixteens

Singer-songwriter Audrey Air is so new that she still lists her personal Gmail account on her Soundcloud page. That's not going to last long.

Her latest / first upload, Strawberry Syrup Sixteens combines the brooding sarcasm of Lorde with the supple production of (early) Lana Del Rey. An accompanying post on her Tumblr suggests it was written in the aftermath of an epic party (she's a first-year university student in NYC, fact fans).

"It's the morning after and I'm still feeling it," writes the 18-year-old. "I'm hungover but in the most dreamy way possible; to the point where my limbs feel full and my eyelids feel heavy and my mind wont shut off certain scenes from the night. Even if I did forget most of the hours, I feel like I learned something from that."

Listen below, then drop her an email saying: "You're fantastic. Now get to the library and do some work. Lots of love, Your Dad."

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