Monday, December 14, 2015

Katy B returns with Calm Down

Back in December 2012, Kathleen Anne Brien gave us a glimpse into the recording of her second album with her pitch-black Danger EP. Ultimately, her Little Red album had a more pop focus - but it was fascinating to hear the gravitational pull of clubland on her writing. 

Skip forward to 2015, and history is repeating itself. Katy B has taken a break from recording her third record, Honey, to release a one-off single called Calm Down, recorded with Four Tet and Floating Points. Sadly, the Michael Winner sample couldn't be cleared. 

It's a deep cut, in both senses of the phrase - with Katy floating over an unremitting electro pulse as she eulogises a night on the tiles (ie visiting a discotheque, not lying on the bathroom floor in a pool of your own vomit - although one invariably leads to the other, I suppose). 

"When are we ever going to calm down?" she cries. "Know I should do, but I love the sound / All I really wanna do is dance."

A press release says this:

"In collaboration with Four Tet and Floating Points, Katy B reveals Calm Down, the first piece of music taken from her new project entitled ‘Honey’ that will see Katy teaming up with a number of producers and artists, further exemplifying Katy’s ability to push boundaries and create exciting new music. Expect more details of Honey to follow in the new year."
So there you go. 

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