Monday, November 23, 2015

Wolf Alice are away with the fairies

Wolf Alice have rebounded from their Mercury Prize SNUB with a colourful video for their new single, Freazy.

It finds the band playing in a gaudy technicolour dreamscape, when they stumble on a mysterious plant that sends them on what can only be described as a "far out freaky trip, dude".

It's a clever treatment that helps reinforce the band's outsider status on what is, essentially, a really pretty pop song. It's also nice to hear the band namecheck themselves in the chorus ("Do you really wanna... with Alice? Do you really wanna... with the Wolf).

"We’ve got the name of our band in the song!" bassist Theo Ellis told DIY mag. "Like a rapper! Or Superfood!"

Freazy also got a beautiful, string-assisted Live Lounge treatment last Friday. You can watch that on the Radio 1 website "while stocks last".

NB: Don't do drugs, kids

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