Thursday, November 12, 2015

Vanessa from the Saturdays has a really good solo single, you know

Here's a surprising development: Vanessa White of The Saturdays (aka Diet Girls Aloud) has released a sophisticated, mature, sensuous R&B song as her first solo single.

Don't Wanna Be Your Lover sounds like vintage Aaliyah or Mary J, although Vanessa's chocolatey vocals are more understated than either of those US powerhouses.

"I was really worried about The Sats fans hearing my new stuff," she told Wonderland, which premiered the song last night. "I was unsure whether... it would translate as it’s so different to The Sats music. Luckily they have all been so supportive with their feedback and they are into it which makes me really happy."

Listen below. It's luscious.

UPDATE 13/11/15: There is now a video of Vanessa singing the song and looking sultry.

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