Friday, November 13, 2015

Missy Elliot returns with an almighty crash

Pop that, pop that, cock and reload
This another hit, I got an ace in the hole

If you're going to leave seven years between singles, then you'd better come back with something incredible to make people sit up and listen. And that's exactly what Missy Elliot has done with this irresistible, bass-heavy club banger. WTF (Where They From) encapsulates everything you've missed about Misdemeanour: Cheeky wordplay, bait-and-switch production and a stunning video.

Even Pharrell - not the world's most accomplished rapper - comes out on top, with the so-ridiculous-its-brilliant line: "Lyrically I'm / Optimus Prime".

And who doesn't want their very own Missy marionette for Christmas?

In other words 10/10. Welcome back!

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