Monday, November 16, 2015

Here's a song Ed Sheeran wrote for Justin Bieber

A week ago, I was locked in a basement and forced to listen to Justin Bieber's new album, Purpose.

While I accept the possibility of Stockholm Syndrome, I found myself enjoying the record (although, like me, it has a flabby middle section). Bieber's vocals are pristine and controlled, and his remorseful lyrics have a ring of truth.

The highlight, apart from the singles you've already heard, was undoubtedly Ed Sheeran's contribution, Love Yourself, which takes the form of a sarcastically scathing riposte to an ex. "My mama don't like you - and she likes everyone," Bieber chides over a simple, plucked guitar pattern.

By the magic of the internet, there is now a visual for the song - along with every track on Purpose, after Bieber pulled a Beyonce, releasing 13 dance videos in 13 hours on Saturday.

I've embedded the clips for Love Youself and my other favourite track, a Halsey duet called The Feeling, below. You can see the whole video project on Pigeons and Planes.

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