Friday, October 2, 2015

Watch Little Mix's gif-tastic new video

Earlier today, Little Mix unleashed the video for their latest single, Love Me Like You, on an entirely suspecting public (they've been teasing it for the best part of a century).

Just like the video for Black Magic, the story is set in a US high school - this time, with the girls attending Prom. That tells you something about the ambition for the band's third album, which aims to improve on the number 6 placing for 2013's Salute.

It also explains why the band are spreading their Wings and attempting a more mainstream sound after the 90s R&B stylings of their previous work.

Personally, I think they've pulled it off. The band have just enough sass and character to get make the girlband cliché of a Motown throwback seem fresh. And that's particularly apparent in the video, which contains all sorts of ridiculous face-pulling in the name of "acting",

Are there gifs? Of course there are gifs.

I'm no expert, but surely this is not how you apply lipstick

Now, let's see all those moments in context.

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