Wednesday, October 21, 2015

On her good days she is charming as...

Tove Lo's Queen Of The Clouds is a monumental pop album, and Moments is one of its standout, er, moments. An autobiography in song form, it sees the Swedish singer discuss her suburban upbringing ("I was safe, I was fine") and the dawning realisation that she was a bit different from her parents.

"I love freaks," she sings, "I'm rough around the edges, memories and baggage" but (and this is the hook) "on my good days I am charming as fuck."

The song is as tempestuous as the lyrics, with hammering snares and blustery harmonies. And the video, which has just been released, matches it for raw power.

It tells a separate but parallel story of Tove going on an epic bender after being dumped. Using the combined mediums of pills, broken glass, gunshots, laughing, crying, drowning and - yes - interpretive dance, it "takes the meaning of this song to its most extreme," said the star on Facebook.

Brilliant stuff.

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