Tuesday, October 6, 2015

New discovery: Lewis Del Mar - Waves(s)

They sound like a disappointing beach resort in the Canaries, but Lewis Del Mar are in fact an experimental indie duo from Brooklyn, New York.

So new that they don't have an official biography, the band have been building up a small but enthusiastic fanbase on Soundcloud - thanks to their sputtering alt-pop creations Loud(y) and Memories ("we laughed listened to Madonna, your hips were on my jawline, like the first heat of summer").

Yesterday, the band uploaded their third track and it exceeds expectations. Wave(s) is a sexually candid version of REM's Nightswimming ("I suck your feet in the empty beach, took off all your clothes"), set to a slow-burning electronic production.

Expect big things once the band emerge from the shadows.

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