Monday, October 26, 2015

Listen: Weezer - Thank God For Girls

I've always had a soft spot for the gonzo rock "stylings" of Weezer, and their ninth album, last year's Everything Will Be Alright in the End, was something of a return to form.

So it's good to hear the band continue their latest purple patch with a new single Thank God For Girls (that's the ridicu-brilliant artwork above). It's crunchy, compact and completely crackers, as Rivers Cuomo takes a swipe at songs like Jay-Z's Girls or Bruce Springsteen's Girls In Their Summer Clothes, and the way they objectify women at the same time as (supposedly) eulogising them.

In other words, it's a list song taken to the extreme, with unhinged brags like: "She's so big / She's so strong / She's so energetic in her sweaty overalls."

The lyric video is just as strange, drawing inspiration from the lyric: "When you come home / She will be waiting there for you / With a fire in her eyes / And a big fat canoli to shove in your mouth."

NB: People who can't watch MasterChef when Greg Wallace shovels a greasy lump of meat into his face would do well to avoid the following Youtube player.

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