Friday, October 2, 2015

Lady Gaga has a new song on the internet

Lady Gaga is back with a new song recorded in the pop genre and, unbelievably, it is 100% not shit.

Funk The Punk is the soundtrack for a commercial to Tom Ford's new Spring/Summer 2016 range. Despite the title, it's not an original song, but a cover of Chic's peerless disco classic I Want Your Love.

Chic legend Nile Rodgers takes production duties on the updated version, which ends with a fantastically funky cowbell coda.

It's not clear whether the cover will feature on Gaga's new album - but it's a good sign that she's rediscovered her pop instincts (and her sense of restraint, something that was sorely lacking on ArtPop).

Listen below . And apologies for the "autoplay" function. It has nothing to do with me :(

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