Wednesday, September 23, 2015

Video: Selena Gomez - Same Old Love

As previously noted, the new Selena Gomez single sounds like Charli XCX covering Gotye's Somebody That I Used To Know - ie very good.

Now Same Old Love has a strangely uneventful video to go with it... It features Selena's journey to a gig (traditionally the least exciting part of any gig) before absconding for a bit of a walkabout, then playing the gig anyway.

The gig bit - which last approximately 32 seconds - is the only time it gets interesting. What a shame.

In case you were wondering, Same Old Love isn't a love song in the traditional sense. "The first people you love in your life are your parents," she told Radio Disney. "So for me, my dad is the first male figure I had in my life. And [the song is about] how much it means to respect your parents and have a healthy relationship with them because it trails on into your relationships when you’re older."

So now you know.

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