Wednesday, September 30, 2015

Video: Disclosure - Magnets (ft Lorde)

In which Lorde dances like a stop-motion marionette, giving me flashbacks to The Exorcist.

The plot sees our (pure) heroine mercilessly dispatching a two-timing, low-life, abusive love rat. But she's not seeking revenge, she's a cold and calculating boyfriend killer - as she revealed on Twitter:

She expanded on the theme on her always-entertaining Tumblr page, writing: "The most important detail is the girlfriend's black eye. Watch it with that moment in mind. That's the point the whole video hinges on. [It] takes it from being 'an affair narrative' to 'dude's girlfriend hired Miss Ella the hitgirl to "seduce" him then take him the FUCK out.'"


Describing the song on her always-entertaining Tumblr, Lorde said: "I'm super proud of this one. In my head it's dark electric blues and greens, and it moves like liquid."

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