Friday, September 25, 2015

Little Mix channel The Ronettes on new single

It's a little strange to hear Little Mix stepping into generic girl band territory, but that's exactly what they've done - with all eight of their tiny little feet - on their new single.

Love Me Like You is a straight-up girl group pastiche - a not-so-distant-cousin of The Ronettes' Be My Baby - in the tradition of the Spice Girls' Stop, and Girls Aloud on The Promise - worryingly, both singles that marked the end of the bands' imperial phases.

I don't think that's the case here... When I spoke to Little Mix over the summer, they said they wanted their third album to be one they could sing along to with their mums. And Love Me Like You would sound awesome blasting out of the car stereo on a family trip to Grandma's.

Nonetheless, it's interesting to see Little Mix aim so squarely for the mainstream after two albums of exciting, edgy pop. It's been the undoing of similar acts (*waves at the Sugababes*) but something tells me the quartet will pull this off with poise.

(Amazingly, the song was originally called Fuck Me Like You. Although that's according to the not-entirely-reliable Daily Star.)

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