Tuesday, September 15, 2015

Disclosure's video trilogy reaches its conclusion

As you might know, Dancefloor dabblers Disclosure have been releasing a "mini movie" to coincide with their new album, Caracal.

Split into three parts, the cinematic story began with a young girl smuggling a mysterious "ink" through a dystopian police state. The second installment, which was also the official video for Omen, basically ditched the narrative for a series of shots of a sweaty Sam Smith.

The final video, picks up the thread again, with Mariella captured and interrogated by a mysterious stooge with a pocketwatch. Then she turns into Howard Lawrence, the youngest Disclosure brother, after which... oh, I don't know. It's a load of old nonsense. But the song, Jaded, is up to the band's usual high standard.

Disclosure - Jaded

So that's all well and good. But what we REALLY want to hear is the track Lorde recorded with the brothers' Lawrence. A clip of it leaked yesterday and it sounds more than promising.

Voice Recorder >>

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