Wednesday, July 1, 2015

Video: Jason Derulo - Cheyenne

Jason "Jason Derulo" Derulo has just finished a four-week stint at the top of the charts with Want To Want Me, an unexpected move into Maroon 5 territory with a heady whiff of fromage.

But his new single sees him back in familiar territory. Cheyenne is a moody, minor key R&B groove powered by a bubbling electro bass. It tells the story of Derulo accidentally falling in love with a girl called Cheyenne, hence the title.

The gothic, cinematic video sees Derulo waking up in an abandoned mansion tied to a chair in a room littered with half-burnt photos of women. But he breaks free of his shackles, dons a fetching purple suit and starts dancing with a cast of zombie ballerinas (but of course).

"I wanted to take it back to where videos had a huge concept, and also a huge dance break," Derulo says. "The video is kind of like The Haunting - Cheyenne is haunting my mind."

The song and the video both tip their hat to Michael Jackson's Thriller (or, to be more precise, Ghosts). It's rather good, which is as much of a surprise to me as it is to you.

Jason Derulo - Cheyenne

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