Friday, July 24, 2015

Video - Janet Jackson: No Sleeep

Oh, Friday, you're spoiling me.

Here's the video for Janet Jackson's long-awaited comeback single, No Sleeep (yes, that's really how it's spelt). Cunningly, it makes passing reference to several of the star's previous clips - That's The Way Love Goes (the setting); If (costume and lighting); Any Time, Any Place (firelit boudoir); What Have You Done For Me Lately (the early scenes are edited to look like a single take); and I Get Lonely (the hat).

The song's a sultry ode to Janet's lover and the things she might do to him when he comes back from a trip away. "It oughta be a weekend marathon," she sings - presumably in anticipation of watching a box set of Orange Is The New Black.

Based on the album version, the video contains a new rap from J Cole which really elevates the latter half of the song. His verse gives the boyfriend's perspective: "You bring cooked food and I bring dessert," thus proving the way to a man's heart is through his stomach.

It gets better with every listen.

Janet Jackson - No Sleeep

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