Tuesday, July 28, 2015

The new Robin Schulz video is gloriously demented

After the Grammy award-winning remix of Waves and the exquisitely mournful Prayer In C, it seemed like everything Robin Schulz touched turned to gold.

So it must have been especially galling to see his solo single, Headlights, stall at number 96 in the UK chart. For whatever reason, the blissed-out dance track didn't strike a chord over here - although it was "big in Europe".

The follow-up, Sugar, seems more tailored for UK radio; and it comes with an exuberant video that's destined to rack up requests on the music TV channels. It features YouTube comedian Nathan Barnatt as a deranged cop who is so consumed with Schulz's music that he slams his car around Los Angeles, wreaking havoc on the streets.

Robin Schulz - Sugar

FYI: The young Justin Timberlake with the bouncy perm is Canadian singer Francesco Yates, who has recently been working with Pharrell. Expect to hear a lot more from him next year.

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