Friday, July 17, 2015

Marina is blue in Margate

If I had to choose one pop star to take to the funfair, it would be Marina and the Diamonds. She just looks like she'd be good at the coconut shy...

Now, thanks to Marina's new video for Blue, I can finally live out that fantasy. Partially.

Shot in Margate's vintage theme park, Dreamland, it looks incredible... Full credit has to go to director Charlotte Rutherford for the lighting and colouring for turning a drab seaside resort into something resembling a Tim Burton movie.

The vibrant, joyous video is a stark contrast to the song's lyric - about wanting one last fling with your ex. But there are a couple of moments of sober self-reflection that suggest Marina's joie de vivre isn't completely genuine.

On second thoughts, maybe I'll take one of the Haim sisters to Alton Towers instead.

Marina and the Diamonds - Blue

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