Tuesday, July 28, 2015

Epic Florence and the Machine video is epic

Here's a cheery little poem for you:

"We're dying of thirst so we feast on each other.
The seas are still a violent mother.
The blood round here pours down like water.
Each wave a lamb led to the slaughter.
And like children you just can't teach
We break and break and break ourselves upon the beach"

The spoken-word verse appears at the end of a violent, distressing video for Florence and the Machine's new double A-side, Queen Of Peace/Long And Lost.

The 10-minute story, filmed on the Scottish isle of Easdale, portrays Florence as both the victim and the mediator in a splentic battle for her heart and soul. We meet her childhood boyfriend in flashback, then watch as he is repeatedly ripped away from her by her family and the islanders - the singer's eternal fate to be torn between loyalty and love.

There are also some nice flat caps.

Florence and the Machine - Queen of Peace / Long and Lost

Of all the songs released from Florence's number one record, How Big How Blue How Beautiful, these are my favourites - with the singer's vocal pyrotechnics reduced to a smouldering burn. The combination of the two singles could just be enough to convince doubters to shell out for the whole album.

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