Wednesday, July 22, 2015

Elle Eyre - Good Times

For some reason, Ella Eyre's solo career hasn't quite caught fire. Her singles, including the excellent Comeback, have all stalled outside the top 20, and her debut album has been delayed from October to May to August.

Part of the problem is that her style has been difficult to define. Deeper was a moody soul-n-blues cut, Comeback was ballsy revenge pop, and Together was a return to the banging breakbeats of her breakout hit with Rudimental, Waiting All Night.

I can't say the fourth single, Good Times, is going to reverse her fortunes, but it'll definitely get a lot of hands in the air at her upcoming festival shows. And it might (might) just convince people to shell out for that album, Feline, when it appears on 28 August*

Ella Eyre - Good Times

*Subject to delays.

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