Wednesday, June 17, 2015

With every nova heartbeat

"HERE IT IS STRANGE LITTLE TRACK OFF OUR ALBUM, OUR FIRST SINGLE" say Nova Heartbeat on their official website.

The trio are a big deal in their native Beijing - where frontwoman Helen Cheng (冯海宁) has been dubbed "the Blondie of China" - but the faltering English of that headline gives a false impression. Lacklustre No, the single in question, is sophisticated, minimalist pop sung in perfect English.

Built around a slinky bass riff and featuring a vocal that'll make you lean in to your speakers, it would be perfectly at home on XL or WARP or some other achingly hip record label.

With perfect timing, Lucklustre No comes out just as the band land in the UK to play the Glastonbury Festibule.

Listen below.

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