Monday, June 1, 2015

Video: Lucy Rose - I Tried

"I’m not just another girl with an acoustic guitar singing about how she feels," Lucy Rose told Digital Spy three years ago.

True enough, her second album barely features acoustic guitar at all, favouring instead a dusky, electronic soundscape that recalls the poppier moments of Massive Attack and the witchier moments of Goldfrapp.

"It's hugely different," she told XFM the other week. "It's nice different in ways because this time we went into a recording studio, instead of being in my parents' living room trying to make a record."

"But at the same time I did have those extra pressure that I didn't have before of making a record that the label wanted to put out and they felt was ready as well. It wasn't just down to me deciding: 'yeah, now it's time.'"

Nonetheless, the label (Columbia) has encouraged the 25-year-old flourish if the first two singles from the record are anything to go by.

Lead single Our Eyes, which I wrote about in March, is sophisticated, syncopated indie-pop; while her new song, I Tried is a classic "I fucked up" ballad with a saw-tooth sub-bass that'll upset the neighbours.

The video - which must have been intolerably boring to make - follows below.

Lucy Rose - I Tried

You should also check out Like An Arrow, another song from Rose's forthcoming album, Work It Out. Originally planned as the second single it seems, in this acoustic premiere, more akin to the gently strummed indie-pop of the singer's debut album - but it beguiles like a pealing bell on a Sunday morning.

Lucy Rose - Like An Arrow (Live at RAK Studios)

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