Friday, June 26, 2015

New music: Kyiki - Black Light

Kyiki is the new nom de chanson of Crystal Fighters singer Ellie Fletcher. She emerged last September with the excellent solo single One - a cooing, chiming electro pop lullaby.

The reception to One was positive enough to persuade Kyiki to go off and write a full album. And, after racking up oodles of studio time with Alex Da Kid (Dr Dre, Rihanna, Imagine Dragons, Eminem) she's back with a new single, Black Light.

The song's not as immediate as One - whose chorus was more killer than Hannibal Lecter eating Adamski - but the crunching, brooding beats will be of particular interest to fans of Lorde, Banks and SOHN.

It finds Kyiki in the midst of an unexpected romance. "I know you're scared - we were not quite prepared," she reassures her beau, while asking him to follow her deeper into the relationship. "I won't put up a fight - I'll be your black light."

At least, I assume that's what she means. A Black Light (one that emits UV rays) can be used to illuminate fluorescent paint that's invisible to the human eye, creating spectacular theatrical effects. But Black Light is also used by forensic detectives to scan for fingerprints. And, for that matter, semen. 

I'm going to assume Kyiki is going for the former, using it as a metaphor for "guiding light". But if I'm wrong, CSI Pop Music could be a new genre with fascinating possibilities*.

* With apologies to Fraser McAlpine

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