Friday, June 5, 2015

New music: Frances - Grow

After years of earnest young men earnestly strumming acoustic guitars, it's surprisingly refreshing to hear an earnest young woman earnestly tinkling the ivories.

The young woman in question is Frances, an upcoming singer-songwriter from London who's been signed by Method - the team behind Sam Smith and Disclosure's breakthroughs. (Not entirely coincidentally, she's supporting Sam Smith at his Thetford Forest gig later this summer.)

A self described "little ginger cookie", she is preternaturally talented, her husky, confessional vocals and rolling piano figures easily comparable Carole King.

The evidence is all there on her first EP, Grow, which is due out in July. The title track is as mesemerising as it is simple - just her multi-tracked voice and a (beautifully-recorded) piano. According to the singer, it's "about loving someone and wanting to keep them close, but deep down you know you need to let them go and experience new things."

The track is streaming now and you can download it now, if you pre-order the whole EP.

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